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De Benetti Boutique Law Firm - Italy

De Benetti Boutique Law Firm is a law firm providing a comprehensive and qualified legal service to private and commercial clients who require legal advice and assistance in Italy, covering all areas of Italian Law.

Thanks to our co-operation with the Boutique Law firm De Benetti, specializing in property Law, we are able to assist you in every step of the buying process.

Along with the Law firm we can provide all following services:

- Carrying out surveys and local authority/land registry searches.

- Explanation and translation of all legal deeds and documentation.

- Arranging all the necessary meetings with the required officials e.g. notary, etc. for the completion of the purchase process.
- Full assistance in obtaining mortages from Italian banks at very favourable rates
- Tax advice

- We also offer a project management and liaison service with contractors and technicians ( i.e. surveyors, architects, interior designers, engineers etc.) for any repair, renovation or restoration work, following our customers in every stage of the restoration.

We understand that you are free to choose your own solicitor to advice and assist you but by taking advantage of our comprehensive package which supports our clients throughout the entire process, we can estimate all the costs in advance and give you a preliminary legal consultancy free of charge.

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