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Properties in Italy is a licensed estate agency founded to offer our clients a complete, safe and satisfactory purchasing experience.
We are here for you to draw on our extensive and diverse experience in the property business while creating a sinergy with our clients, to understand their desires and needs for their dream property in Italy.
When you choose to search for your dream home with Properties in Italy, you will be assisted by property specialists speaking English, French and other languages.
Our team currently live and work in the area:

Andrea Redivo Zaglia, licensed estate agent, specializes in properties in Venice and in the whole of Italy. Besides Andrea will provide you with every assistance and consult about technical and tax issues as well as any queries about restoring or refurbishing a property in Italy.

Silvia Raffaello, architect, lives in Venice and co-operates with Properties in Italy for our Italian and international clients.

Jackie Reding is based in the United States. In cooperation with Properties in Italy, she is our liaison for clients in North America, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries.

Massimiliano De Benetti, lawyer (avvocato), cooperates with Properties in Italy and specializes in property Law. He will provide you with all the legal assistance and necessities you will need to go through the whole buying procedure smoothly and safely.


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Andrea Redivo Zaglia

Andrea is the manager of Properties in Italy and responsible for property sales in Venice and the Veneto. He is also in charge with promotion, web contacts and website management. He graduated in Political Economic Sciences at the University of Padua and obtained an international MBA degree at Clemson University, USA. After a 10 year career as Retail Manager working for a famous American multi-national, in the former Yugoslavia, he decided to specialize in the Italian real estate business, focusing in prestigious properties in the Veneto region. Andrea is a licensed estate agent (registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, reg. no. 2017) and member of F.I.M.A.A. (Italian Federation of Business Estate Agents).

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Silvia Raffaello


Silvia is an architect and qualified as estate agent in 2022, and is a consultant for Properties in Italy for the sales and rentals of properties in Venice. She graduated in Architecture from IUAV in Venice and obtained an International Second Level Master's Degree from KULuven at the Lemaire Center for Conservation, Belgium. After 10 years of freelance work in the restoration of architectural heritage, she decided to specialize in the Italian real estate sector, focusing on prestigious properties, in particular on feasibility assessments for the reuse and income generation of real estate assets. Silvia founded the service company Venice Actually ltd in 2013 which deals with the management and maintenance of luxury apartments in Venice rented for short stays.

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Jaclyn Reding

Jackie is an English-speaking, freelance writer based both in the United States, and in Venice. In cooperation with Properties in Italy, she works as a liaison for clients in North America, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries, assisting them from start to finish in both the search and purchase of their property. She specializes in marketing and internet development, and with the benefit of her experience, she can advise clients on how best to rent out their property as a holiday residence. She loves horseback riding, especially her beloved ‘Brunello’.

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Massimiliano De Benetti

Massimiliano is the senior partner of the law firm Studio legale Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti. He co-operates with Properties in Italy for all legalities (contractual drafts, legal translation, general legal advice) required in every step of the buying procedure. He graduated in Law at the University of Ferrara and cooperates with a well-known Law firm in Padua. He did part of his training with an important international Law Firm based in London. He consolidated his skills in the Legal English language by attending Legal English courses at the University of Cambridge. Massimiliano is qualified as Italian lawyer (avvocato). For more information visit

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