The Veneto is one of most beautiful regions in Italy, thanks to its huge variety of landscapes and ancient towns. The region of Veneto is the most diverse region in Italy. If you want to experience all that Italy has to offer in one relatively small geographical area, then, the Veneto should be your destination.

Veneto has a rare combination of pleasant climate, stunning scenery, beautiful towns and cities, cultural heritage and culinary delights.

The countryside has a unique charm with yet its small cities, fascinating treasure troves of art and beacons of fine living, and only a few miles to the north the Alps begin, their foothills dotted with charming towns and lined with picturesque world-class vineyards.

Apart from Venice, its capital and one of the most romantic cities in the world, the region of Veneto includes the soaring peaks of the Dolomite mountain range that are home to the world famous ski-resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and are arguably one of the most beautiful range of mountains in Europe.


The beautiful hill country that precedes the dramatic rise of the Dolomites is home to some of Italy's most famous wines and some of its more enchanting hill towns. There are also spa resorts hidden away in these hills, whose thermal springs were first used by the Romans. Among them, the amazing Euganean Hills one of the most breathtaking, flourishing attractions surrounding the city of Padua. They contain splendid countryside and unforgettable especially in spring, glowing with almond blossom, and at the start of the autumn, when the hills are reddish in colour and the harvest time begins. At the foot of the hills are the spa towns of Abano and Montegrotto Terme.

Most people speed through the Veneto on their way to our favorite Italian city, Venice. Because the average traveler aims only to see the city on the lagoon, the rest of the region is blessedly devoid of tourist crowds, and yet, consider what they are missing: Padua the Erudite (Padova), where lovers of Renaissance painting can see Giotto's memorable fresco cycle. Its great basilica of Saint Anthony is very well-known among the catholic world.

Verona, home to Romeo and Juliet, one of the prettiest and most historical little cities in the whole country.

Vicenza, the memorable "laboratory" for a man who may have been the most influential architect in history, Andrea Palladio, famous for designing magnificent villas.

Treviso, birthplace of radicchio and countaining a wealth of Renaissance palaces and arcades.

Asolo, a beautiful tiny hilltop medevial town at the foothills of the Dolomites.

Soave, a fairy-tale castle town whose name you may already know from your local wine shop. Chioggia, a mini-Venice with all the canals and none of the crowds.

Lake Garda, flanked by lemon and olive groves, with the snowy Alps reflected in its silvery waters. Teensy Marostica, where you can watch a human chess game whose living pieces are garbed in Renaissance costumes.

Bassano del Grappa, the sub-alpine home of white asparagus. Valpollicella, a verdant valley strewn with countless family wineries.

These and many other delights await you in Veneto. Come with us on a tour of the region, and perhaps you too will decide to choose it when buying your dream home in Italy.

Communications: The region has excellent road and rail links within Italy and with Europe. Veneto region is served by three international airports: Venice, Venice-Treviso and Verona connecting with all major London and UK airports. British Airways (Venice Marco Polo airport; Verona airport); EasyJet (Venice Marco Polo airport); Ryanair (Venice/Treviso airport).


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